2016 Conference Booking and Travel Information

Music and/as Process 2016 is based at Bath Spa University’s Newton Park campus, primarily in the Michael Tippett Centre, our new Commons building, and outside (weather permitting).

For any queries, please email James Saunders – j.saunders[at]bathspa.ac.uk


To book a place at the 2016 Music and/as Process Conference please visit the Bath Spa Live website.

RMA Members: £40
Non-RMA Members: £50

Bath Spa University – Newton Park Campus – Useful Information for Visitors

Full Address: Newton St. Loe, Bath BA2 9BN
Phone: +44 1225 875875
Web: www.bathspa.ac.uk
Google Map Link for directions: http://goo.gl/maps/BRYDM

How to find us – by Bus, Car, Train or Air (includes campus maps):

Accommodation near Bath Spa University – Newton Park Campus

The new University residence in Bath – Green Park House – will be open in time for the conference. Booking access will be available by the beginning of June. A single room will cost £65 per night, and the bus to the campus is just outside.

Below is a map with other accommodation choices listed, including hotels, B&B’s, hostels and guest houses. They are all priced in the mid to cheap range. Bath is expensive so we have included some options further afield. Bristol is worth considering if you have a car, as it is close and the Newton Park campus is actually outside Bath and a little towards Bristol. Even without a car, hotels close to Bristol Temple Meads Station (as listed here) would be a viable option. Please note these are not approved by us, so please check the accommodation meets your requirements independently.
Click this link for a full-screen Google Map, which is a little more useable than the embedded version –  http://goo.gl/maps/uyYdS

Airbnb might be a good option here since hotels are pricey. Click here for a link to a wishlist of nearby properties. Please check locations before booking – some of these (outside of Bath) might suit visitors with a car but be less accessible by public transport. We’d also suggest a search of your own as listings change rapidly.


Music and/as Process conference 2016

1-2 July 2016, Bath Spa University (Newton Park Campus)

Friday 1 July

1.30pm Registration: Michael Tippett Centre

2:00: Welcome

2:15pm-3:45pm: Session 1 (workshops). Michael Tippett Centre

  • Marcelo Gimenes (Plymouth University): Collective decision-making with smartphones for music composition and performance
  • Richard Harding: The use of ‘People Processes’ in Musical Composition: Questioning Conceptions of Composer Authority
  • Stefano Kalonaris (Queen’s University, Belfast): Markov Networks as a framework for freely improvised musical interactions

3.45-4.15 Tea

4:15pm-6:15pm: Session 2 (papers). CM107

  • Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey (University of Oxford): Influence and action: tracking the emergence of expressive performance parameters in orchestral practice
  • Tania Lisboa (Royal College of Music): Synchronous Distance Learning: a focus on rehearsal strategies in ensemble playing over LOLA
  • Louis D’Heudieres (Bath Spa University): Notions of failure (and success) in scores written in time-based media
  • Vassilis Chatzimakris (Bath Spa University): Interfacial Scores: An exploration of approaches to indeterminacy of performing means

6.15pm: Buffet dinner

7.30pm: Session 3 (performance presentations). Michael Tippett Centre

  • Alistair Zaldua (Canterbury Christ Church University) and Adam Hodgkins (University of Westminster): Improvisation/Notation, Video/Sound
  • Steve Gisby: Iterative Music
  • Simon Limbrick: Between Boundaries

9.10pm: bus to city centre


Saturday 2 July

8.35am: bus from city centre

9.00am: registration. Michael Tippett Centre

9.30-11.00 Session 4a/4b (6 papers).


  • Rogerio Costa (University of São Paulo): Entremeios: sound, image, collective creativity and technology
  • John Hails (Edinburgh Napier University): On Decalcomania: Organisms and enlightenments
  • Maya Verlaak (Birmingham City University): Embodying context during the music compositional process, leading to a re-evaluation of the connection between musical concepts, values and their means of execution.


  • James Williams (University of Derby): Exploring Collective Decision-making in Collaborative Rehearsal Environments: Three-dimensional Improvisations between Composer, Performer and Live Electronics.
  • Alexis Porfiriadis (Bath Spa University): Structuring the unknown: decision-making in open-form compositions for groups.
  • Jonathan Cole (Royal College of Music): Intensifying the role of musicians within the performance of new music

11.00 Coffee

11.30-13.00  Session 5 (lecture-recitals). Michael Tippett Centre

  • Zubin Kanga (University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis/Royal Academy of Music) and Adam de la Cour: Through the Silver Screen: Filmmaking as Collaborative Catalyst in Creation and Performance of Adam de la Cour’s Transplant the Movie! for piano, video and electronics.
  • Pavlos Antoniadis and Panos Ghikas (Canterbury Christ Church University): Open Cycles: Embodied Navigation of Unreal-time improv

13.00: Buffet lunch

14.00: Keynote: Howard Skempton (CM107)

15.15: Tea

15.30  Session 6 (2 performances). Michael Tippett Centre.

  • Stephen Chase: music on the move, in the moment, out-of-doors suite.
  • TOPOS KOLEKTIV (Prague): Site-specific improvised music (Annabelle Plum, Martin Klusák, Hana Hrachovinová and Marek Matvija)

17.30: END. Dinner in Bath