Music and/as Process conference 2016

1-2 July 2016, Bath Spa University (Newton Park Campus)

Friday 1 July

1.30pm Registration: Michael Tippett Centre

2:00: Welcome

2:15pm-3:45pm: Session 1 (workshops). Michael Tippett Centre

  • Marcelo Gimenes (Plymouth University): Collective decision-making with smartphones for music composition and performance
  • Richard Harding: The use of ‘People Processes’ in Musical Composition: Questioning Conceptions of Composer Authority
  • Stefano Kalonaris (Queen’s University, Belfast): Markov Networks as a framework for freely improvised musical interactions

3.45-4.15 Tea

4:15pm-6:15pm: Session 2 (papers). CM107

  • Cayenna Ponchione-Bailey (University of Oxford): Influence and action: tracking the emergence of expressive performance parameters in orchestral practice
  • Tania Lisboa (Royal College of Music): Synchronous Distance Learning: a focus on rehearsal strategies in ensemble playing over LOLA
  • Louis D’Heudieres (Bath Spa University): Notions of failure (and success) in scores written in time-based media
  • Vassilis Chatzimakris (Bath Spa University): Interfacial Scores: An exploration of approaches to indeterminacy of performing means

6.15pm: Buffet dinner

7.30pm: Session 3 (performance presentations). Michael Tippett Centre

  • Alistair Zaldua (Canterbury Christ Church University) and Adam Hodgkins (University of Westminster): Improvisation/Notation, Video/Sound
  • Steve Gisby: Iterative Music
  • Simon Limbrick: Between Boundaries

9.10pm: bus to city centre


Saturday 2 July

8.35am: bus from city centre

9.00am: registration. Michael Tippett Centre

9.30-11.00 Session 4a/4b (6 papers).


  • Rogerio Costa (University of São Paulo): Entremeios: sound, image, collective creativity and technology
  • John Hails (Edinburgh Napier University): On Decalcomania: Organisms and enlightenments
  • Maya Verlaak (Birmingham City University): Embodying context during the music compositional process, leading to a re-evaluation of the connection between musical concepts, values and their means of execution.


  • James Williams (University of Derby): Exploring Collective Decision-making in Collaborative Rehearsal Environments: Three-dimensional Improvisations between Composer, Performer and Live Electronics.
  • Alexis Porfiriadis (Bath Spa University): Structuring the unknown: decision-making in open-form compositions for groups.
  • Jonathan Cole (Royal College of Music): Intensifying the role of musicians within the performance of new music

11.00 Coffee

11.30-13.00  Session 5 (lecture-recitals). Michael Tippett Centre

  • Zubin Kanga (University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis/Royal Academy of Music) and Adam de la Cour: Through the Silver Screen: Filmmaking as Collaborative Catalyst in Creation and Performance of Adam de la Cour’s Transplant the Movie! for piano, video and electronics.
  • Pavlos Antoniadis and Panos Ghikas (Canterbury Christ Church University): Open Cycles: Embodied Navigation of Unreal-time improv

13.00: Buffet lunch

14.00: Keynote: Howard Skempton (CM107)

15.15: Tea

15.30  Session 6 (2 performances). Michael Tippett Centre.

  • Stephen Chase: music on the move, in the moment, out-of-doors suite.
  • TOPOS KOLEKTIV (Prague): Site-specific improvised music (Annabelle Plum, Martin Klusák, Hana Hrachovinová and Marek Matvija)

17.30: END. Dinner in Bath