Previous Conferences

     Conference Programme

9th Annual Conference, Music and Interdisciplinary Practice, 2022, CfP

7th Annual Conference, CfP, ICMP London Conference 2019

6th Annual Conference, CfP, Edinburgh Napier University, 2018

    Conference Programme

        Keynote Speaker: Cornelius Schwehr , Abstract

2018 RMA Annual Conference Session: Performing Temporal Processes , Call for Performers 

2017 RMA Music and Philosophy Study Group Conference: Associate’s Session

5th Annual Conference, CfP, University of Wolverhampton, 2017, Information

    Conference Programme

        Keynote Speaker: Jennie Gottschalk

             Music and/as Process Debut Album: Call for Works

4th Annual Conference, CfP, Bath Spa University, 2016

    Conference Programme

        Keynote Speaker: Howard Skempton

                 2016 Conference Booking and Travel Information

3rd Annual Conference, Goldsmiths, University of London

RMA Annual Conference 2015: Compositional Processes as Research: Music and/as Process. Abstracts

RMA, 2015: CfP // Call for Works: Compositional Processes as Research

2nd Annual Conference, CfP, Canterbury Christ Church University, 2014

     First Keynote Speaker: Tom Johnson , Abstract and video: Countless Ways of Counting

     Second Keynote Speaker: Dr Nicholas McKay , Abstract and report (report by Kelly Butler)

     Final Keynote Speaker: Jane Alden and Performers Vocal Constructivists , video and report (KB)

     Keynote Concert: Michael Bonaventure, Tom Johnson, Steve Gisby , Video of concert

     Second Keynote Concert: Vocal Constructivists (video and report)

         I, Norton by Gino Robair, performed by CCCU’s Contemporary Music Ensemble and guests

         MP 2014: Session 1a: Empirical Study – Vanessa Hawes and James Williams

         MP 2014: Session 1b: Interactivity 

         MP 2014: Session 4a: Meta-processes report: Kelly Butler (KB)

         MP 2014: Session 4b: Lecture Recitals, report KB

         MP 2014: Session 5: Composer’s showcase concert, report (KB)

             Music and/as Process: Interview with 2014 research interns Kelly Butler and Adam Byard

1st Annual Conference, Huddersfield University, 2013