Previous Conferences

7th Annual Conference, CfP, ICMP London Conference 2019

     Conference Programme

6th Annual Conference, CfP, Edinburgh Napier University, 2018

    Conference Programme

        Keynote Speaker: Cornelius Schwehr , Abstract


2018 RMA Annual Conference Session: Performing Temporal Processes , Call for Performers 


2017 RMA Music and Philosophy Study Group Conference: Associate’s Session

5th Annual Conference, CfP, University of Wolverhampton, 2017, Information

    Conference Programme

        Keynote Speaker: Jennie Gottschalk

             Music and/as Process Debut Album: Call for Works

4th Annual Conference, CfP, Bath Spa University, 2016

    Conference Programme

        Keynote Speaker: Howard Skempton

                 2016 Conference Booking and Travel Information

3rd Annual Conference, Goldsmiths, University of London

RMA Annual Conference 2015: Compositional Processes as Research: Music and/as Process. Abstracts

RMA, 2015: CfP // Call for Works: Compositional Processes as Research

2nd Annual Conference, CfP, Canterbury Christ Church University, 2014

     First Keynote Speaker: Tom Johnson , Abstract and video: Countless Ways of Counting

     Second Keynote Speaker: Dr Nicholas McKay , Abstract and report (report by Kelly Butler)

     Final Keynote Speaker: Jane Alden and Performers Vocal Constructivists , video and report (KB)

     Keynote Concert: Michael Bonaventure, Tom Johnson, Steve Gisby , Video of concert

     Second Keynote Concert: Vocal Constructivists (video and report)

         I, Norton by Gino Robair, performed by CCCU’s Contemporary Music Ensemble and guests

         MP 2014: Session 1a: Empirical Study – Vanessa Hawes and James Williams

         MP 2014: Session 1b: Interactivity 

         MP 2014: Session 4a: Meta-processes report: Kelly Butler (KB)

         MP 2014: Session 4b: Lecture Recitals, report KB

         MP 2014: Session 5: Composer’s showcase concert, report (KB)

             Music and/as Process: Interview with 2014 research interns Kelly Butler and Adam Byard

1st Annual Conference, Huddersfield University, 2013