Nief-Norf Music and/as Process Research Summit 2014

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The Music and/as Process Study Group Meeting will be held concurrently with the nief-norf Research Summit in Greenville, South Carolina. Part of the 10-day nief-norf Summer Festival, the Research Summit brings together scholars, composers, and performers to discuss a different topic each year. This summer they will discuss “Music and/as Process” in conjunction with the study group in Canterbury, and they will feature Keynote speaker Phil Ford (Indiana University) and Guest Artist Russell Hartenberger (member of Nexus and Steve Reich and Musicians). Their performances will feature works by Jo Kondo, Tom Johnson, Christopher Adler, Steve Reich, and others. Participants in Greenville and Canterbury will be collaborating, corresponding and interacting through various social media throughout the Music and/as Process weekend.”
Full details and schedule: