2014 Conference Programme and Edited Volume

After two successful annual conferences and a growing interest in the area of process music and process in music, the Music and/as Process Study Group are producing an edited volume of contributions, set for publication in 2015/16.

Themes include:

  • Process as musical or compositional material
  • Process in practice: performance of and performance strategies for process
  • Listening processes: aesthetic, cognitive and psychological perspectives
  • Music and process in education and/or health
  • Musicological and analytical processes

Please send any general queries to lauren.redhead@canterbury.ac.uk or to vanessa.hawes@canterbury.ac.uk


Click below to download a pdf of the 2014 Conference Schedule:

  Music andas Process Conference Schedule.


Click below to download a poster for the 2014 Conference:


Copyright © 2014 Music and/as Process


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